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Insurance Services in Athens and Brockville: Providing a Customized Approach to Your Insurance Needs

At J B Kelly Insurance Broker Ltd, we offer a variety of options for home, auto, recreational vehicle, motorcycle, farm and commercial policies. Our insurance companies also offer many policy forms, discounts and payment options. Our brokers offer a customized approach to our clients’ insurance policies. We spend time with each client to understand their general insurance needs and then find a policy to suit them. The insurance services we provide in Athens, Brockville, and the surrounding area include:

Auto Insurance

Once we get to know you and your vehicle, we explain what coverage the sections of the policy provide. Ontario has a very comprehensive accident benefits section which needs to be customized for each policy. We take the time to go over the basics provided in all policies and what you might need for optional benefits. 

In our conversation with you we also determine what discounts apply to you and what extra endorsements or additional coverages you may require to be properly insured. A few of the discounts that may apply are:

  • Mature
  • Property insured
  • Family member
  • Multi vehicle
  • University student
  • Conviction free
  • Loyalty
  • Drivers education
  • Winter tires
  • Motorcycles
  • Collector/antique vehicles
  • ATVs
  • Snowmobiles
  • Motorhomes
  • Travel trailers

Not everyone has many years of safe driving and many years of claims. If you do, we can offer many options. If you don’t, we still have options for you. Give us a call to learn more.

Home Insurance

Whether you own your own home or condo, or are a tenant in a house or apartment, you need insurance. Our brokers, in their conversation with you, will determine which type of insurance policy best suits your needs.

Insurance for Condominium Unit Owners

Many condominium unit owners do not understand what type of insurance policy they will need. After all, owning a condominium is not like owning a house! Let one of our brokers explain the coverages found in a unit owner’s package to you:

  • Your contents
  • Unit improvements and betterments
  • Additional protection for the building
  • Loss assessment charges

Insurance for Homeowners

Our homes are the largest investments that we make. It is imperative that we go to sleep at night knowing that our homes are properly insured. We want to have somewhere else to live if our home burns down. We want to rebuild the type of home we had and resume our lives. We want to be able to replace our treasures. Let the brokers at J B Kelly Insurance Broker Ltd help you obtain that peace of mind.

Or perhaps you need further coverage for a home-based business, riding horses, bylaws that affect your ability to rebuild on your site, additional locations, jewellery, collections, students away from home, parents in nursing homes, etc. The questions we ask when quoting on your home insurance are designed to let us get to know you and your home, and what discounts apply to you. Our brokers are looking forward to assisting you in protecting your home.

Insurance for Tenants

“I don’t need an insurance policy. My contents aren’t that valuable.” This is the most common misconception we hear from tenants. However, tenants do have a need for a Tenants Package. The Tenants Package policy covers those contents for replacement cost. Therefore, if you have a working stove that is ten years old and it is destroyed by fire or lightning, your policy replaces it with a new stove (minus the policy’s claims deductible). However, what may be the most important part of the Tenants Package is the liability section. Liability covers you if someone is hurt in your home or apartment – often called slip and fall claims. Tenants Legal Liability covers fire, smoke and water damage to your home or apartment that you may be responsible for. Examples of this include leaving a pot on the stove, causing fire or smoke damage, or forgetting that the tub is filling, causing water damage to the property. Your landlord’s insurance company will want you to pay for that damage. Your Tenants Package policy will respond on your behalf. 

If you are considering a Tenants Package, our brokers would be pleased to discuss your options for coverage and premiums. Please give us a call for more information.

Business Insurance

We welcome you to give J B Kelly Insurance Broker Ltd a call, whether you are just starting out in business or it is time to renew your business property, liability, auto or truck policies. Once we have had the conversation to get to know you and your operation, we will shop our markets for your insurance needs.


Cottage Insurance

Ah, the joy of having a getaway from daily life! Your cottage provides that for you, your family and your friends. Let your broker look after the insurance for that cottage so you can rest easy. We work with many companies that have a variety of options for your cottage, whether it is a home or a cabin, close by or in a remote area, and whether you visit year round or a few times each summer. We will explain all of your choices so you can choose which option suits you best. We look forward to hearing about your getaway!

Recreational Insurance


Boat Insurance

We proudly represent several marine companies. This gives you, the watercraft owner, choices. Whether your watercraft is an aluminum fishing boat, a personal watercraft (AKA Jet Ski), bass boat, pontoon, runabout, cruiser or yacht, we can shop for your insurance. Another option for smaller boats is to insure them on your homeowner policy. Let us quote your home, auto, and watercraft for package discounting – we provide quotes quickly.


Farm Insurance

We enjoy the relationships we have with our farm clients. During our 70 years in business, we have conversed about your animals, crops, barns, the weather, the markets, your new equipment, new ways to farm, and each other’s families. We have visited your farms, enjoying our time spent there with you. We have taken part in plowing matches and 4H events. As we go into our next 70 years, we look forward to continuing our relationship with our existing farmers and getting to know new farm clients. Contact us to discuss your farm needs, and we can provide the right insurance coverage for you.

Specialty Insurance

Outdoor party

High Risk Homes

Not all homes fit the mold of what regular insurance companies will cover. If you have had claims, your home needs some repairs, or you have had some payment problems, we may be able to assist. We have several insurance companies who want your business. If you have been non-renewed by your current insurance company, or you have just purchased a home that requires work to make it your dream home, contact our office.

Policies Offered By Pal

Party Alcohol Liability Insurance covers host liquor liability for your parties such as weddings and dances. Many halls require that you carry this coverage if you are holding your party there. Give us a call to discuss if you need the coverage and if you need to buy a PAL policy. In some instances, your home insurance may cover your party. If not, PAL’s policy is quick and easy.

Contents in Storage:

PAL also offers a policy for contents in storage facilities. If your home insurance company doesn’t provide this coverage or if you no longer have a home, PAL may be of assistance.

Specialty Commercial Risks

Not all commercial or business operations fit the cookie-cutter world of the regular insurance companies. Our office writes insurance with many specialty commercial insurance companies. Let’s have a conversation about your business. Once we get to know you and your operation we will be able to shop on your behalf. 

If you have questions about our insurance options, CONTACT US TODAY.


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